LFC: EXCLUSIVE!!! Gene Hackman comes back to the Big Screen.

// July 12th, 2010 // What's Poppin

A few years ago Gene Hackman sort of retired from the movie business. He left the scene quietly, no press conference no big announcements he just kind of faded away. This to me indicates what a class act this man is. He didn’t make a big deal of leaving the business he just moved on. In an interview on Gawker.com 2 years ago he explains why he left and what he was feeling at the time of his decision.

The 78-year-old actor hasn’t starred in a film since the 2004 comedy Welcome to Mooseport, and although he has never announced his retirement—he couldn’t bring himself to return to Hollywood and play ‘grandfathers’. Hackman says, ‘I guess you could call it retired. I haven’t worked for four years now. And I don’t miss the business. I miss the process of being on-set with actors when things get cooking. But there’s so much crapola in order to get there. It’s just too painful.

“‘At my age, they would have me playing grandfathers and great grandfathers. That’s not a heck of a lot of fun. I’d rather go back to the theatre, actually. But that’s not going to happen. I’m pretty satisfied with my life right now.’ Instead, Hackman keeps himself busy and his mind active, writing historical fiction novels with his neighbor Daniel Lenihan. He adds, ‘I write every day for at least a couple of hours. I exercise a little bit. And then it’s time for the old folks to go to bed.’”

Well that’s what Popeye said a few years ago……

I was told this weekend that Gene Hackman’s retirement is officially over!!!!

He’s coming back to the big screen. That’s right you heard it here first on LATINO FILM CHATTER. Gene Hackman is coming out of retirement thanks to….are you ready for this?

The man who brought us ‘TOP GUN’, ‘True Romance’, and ‘Crimson Tide’ which of course Hackman was in, the one and only Director Tony Scott!!

I knew it wouldn’t be long til they found a vehicle for Gene Hackman to sink his teeth into. I’m glad that it’s Tony Scott who brought him back out of the bull pen.

My source absolutely confirms this and in the coming weeks I will keep providing you with all the juicy details of Gene Hackman’s come back to the big screen. Welcome back Mr. Hackman we missed you, for a little while :)

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