EXCLUSIVE: Actress Brittany Murphy gets kicked out of movie in Puerto Rico

// November 30th, 2009 // Where's the Beef

There’s a report out on TMZ.com that Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack landed in LAX on saturday and he was completely incoherent. Apparently they were in Puerto Rico and were returning home. EMT’s on the scene claimed he was passed out when they got to him.

That’s their story.

I know exactly what happened to them before this flight from Puerto RIco to LAX.
Not even TMZ.com got this one yet!!


Brittany Murphy was hired by a production company in Puerto Rico to work on a movie out there. The people putting this movie together are some of the same individuals that worked on “Maldeamores” which was also shot in Puerto Rico a few years back.

I got several calls about her being in Puerto Rico cause I got peeps out there. This is what they tell me.

Brittany Murphy is an asshole!!!
Apparently she was being absolutely rude with everyone and I mean everyone, from people in production to hotel staff. Her husband got into a fight with some locals who left and came back with more buddies to kick his ass. Lucky for her husband that hotel staff was able to diffuse that situation. However it goes to show you how tacky this couple is.

Brittany was being so difficult that the production kindly asked her to leave.

She was replaced by Rachelle Lefevre (New Moon) who flew in on a red eye and was ready for action in just a few hours.

Brittany lingered around for a few days threatening production and screaming that she was going to do everything possible to sabotage the movie. Hotel staff were given orders that she was not to come near actors or crew of the production since she was terminated.

Poor Brittany, what an idiot. Then they finally leave and TMZ catches her and hubby at the LAX airport. What is going on with Brittany Murphy? I used to like her work.

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